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02 Commissioning Plans

Why: Purpose

Commissioning plans provide guidance for the commissioning and project team members throughout the process.  The plan expands on the specifications by including information such as workflow processes and schedule information. 

What: Included Information

Similar to the specification, the commissioning plan will describe the roles and responsibilities of the commissioning team.   The plan may or may not end up as a contract document but either way the specifications and plan must mirror each other.  For example, roles or responsibilities identified in the specification can not be different than those detailed in the plan. 

When: Project Phase/ Task Timing

A commissioning plan is developed during pre-design for the design phase commissioning activities.  A second plan or modified design phase plan will be developed during the design for the construction and occupancy phases of the project.   

How: Development Sources

The commissioning plan is developed based on the scope of work approved by the owner and tailored from the ASHRAE guidelines.  This effort and scope will need to also match the specifications and other contract documents that the contractor and sub-contractor will use to price the work.  

Who: Team Members Involved

 The commissioning plan will affect all team members but development is mainly by the commissioning agent.