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04 Design Review Comments

Why: Purpose

First and foremost the commissioning agents review of the design is to verify the owner's project requirements have been incorporated into the engineered design.  When issues, descrepancies or deviations are found, the commissioning agent will document them as comments to be submitted to the architect and engineering team.
As an engineered design, it is critical that the commissioning agent be an engineer with design experience.  Verification of technical requirements requires the expertise, education and competence of an engineer.  Issues missed in design review can cost everyone involved a substantial amount of time and money to resolve during construction. 
As an engineer with design experience, the commissioning agent can also provide an additional level of review including both cross discipline coordination and constructability. 

What: Included Information

Design review comments need to include at a minimum the following:
  • Individual serial number
  • Relevant Owner's Project Requirement
  • Affected design document(s) including drawing number and/ or specification section
  • Detailed description of the deviation or descrepancy
  • Recommendations, if applicable

When: Project Phase/ Task Timing

 Design review occurs at various stages of the design. The quantity and timing of the design reviews are to be determined by the owner.
Ideally design reviews occure at schematic design, 50%, 90% and 100% (follow-up). 

How: Development Sources

  • Owners project requirements
  • Codes
  • Standards
  • Engineering Experience/ Education 

Who: Team Members Involved

  • Commissioning Agent
  • Architect/ Engineering Team