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12 Training Plan

Why: Purpose

 All of the commissioning, good engineering, and verified construction can all be for nothing if the personnel operating the facility are not trained sufficiently.  All to often, you will find systems overridden into a manual mode of operation because the operations technician did not know what he was doing.  That manual operation prevents the systems from operating efficiently and can potential shorten the facility life cycle. 

What: Included Information

 The training plan needs to include the following:
  • List of equipment and systems requiring training
  • Agenda of the training sessions
  • Schedule of the sessions
  • Estimated duration of the training sessions
  • Name and qualifications of the trainer(s)
  • Location of the training (classroom, field, factory)
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Systems Manual  

When: Project Phase/ Task Timing

It is recommended that training on a piece of equipment or system begin anytime after the start-up of that equipment or system.  However, this assumes the systems manual and/ or operations manual are prepared and ready.
It should be noted that training is not limited to specified teaching sessions.  Training can include the involvement of operations and maintenance personnel throughout the entire project.  The following ideas are opportunities for training:
  • Involve them in the pre-design to develop system and facility requirements
    • They will get to know the facility systems before it is built
  • Basis of Design (BOD) review
    • They will see the concepts, functions, and interactions of the various systems
  • Design review
    • This will help them become familar with the actual system design
  • Submittal review
    • They will see data on the exact equipment that is being installed in the facility
  • Pre-functionl checksheet execution/ review
    • They will learn to inspection the equipment while learning the location and installed configurations
  • Functional testing
    • Personnel will see the systems function and understand the interactions and control
    • Verifying the alarms will train them on emergency procedures
Limiting training to just specified sessions misses a number of hands-on opportunities.

How: Development Sources

Training plans including the agendas and session lists are typically spelled out in the specifications.  Ideally, the specifications where tailored based on meetings with the owner and operations personnel during pre-design to determine areas of weakness requiring more training.

Who: Team Members Involved

  • Commissioning agent
  • Owner personnel
  • Vendor/ Manufacturer Certified Trainers
  • Sub-contractor